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As I Stop and Pause, Edgewater Gold Radio Rolls On.

Since I've been diagnosed with Covid 19, I had some time to stop and pause. Over the past years, I've devoted thousands and thousands of hours programming Edgewater Gold Radio. I had to voice track at least eight hours each day and had to perform certain functions on a daily basis. I realized that I have all systems in place that enable me to take a little break and that's just what I'm doing. I've suspended voice tracking for the next few weeks and have eased up on all the hands on I've been doing. I still spend time inserting the appropriate programs and performing the required updates but I've cut back on the time I've been spending. Technology has enable me to do this and I'm thankful for that.

A listener always used to say to me, "Jim have a little fun everyday" and that's what I intend to do.

Remember, we've been fully vaccinated and I still got Covid---no respiratory issues but still had the other symptoms so don't let your guard down. If you haven't been vaccinated for God's sake, do it now!

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