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Audience Size Vs. Unique, Quality Broadcasting

Why do you listen to NPR? Is it because they have a huge audience? I'll answer that question, No, you listen because of the quality and uniqueness of their

programs. Of course NPR enjoys a large audience but if they aren't on the top of the ratings, they aren't going to be motivated to change their format. In my opinion quality programming is preferred over large audiences who listen for a few minutes then change the station.

How does this affect Edgewater Gold Radio? I could easily feature only the top oldies from the 60's 70's and 80's and play them over and over again and to tell you the truth, my audience would probably be larger BUT, the amount of time listening would be significantly less. Instead, I go further. Edgewater Gold Radio features all of those great top oldies from the above mentioned decades but we include, the 50's, rarely heard on today's oldie stations. We also include lots of songs that didn't make it to the top of the charts but never the less were hits and trigger some great memories. Our playlist is much larger than a typical oldies station. This is something some Program Directors may balk at but to me, it's what makes our station unique. So if you're a "button pusher" or a "constant clicker" you probably wouldn't listen to us for a long period of time but if you truly love oldies and variety we would definitely appeal to you!

It's quality and passion over "button pushing mass appeal."

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