Beware of Imposters on Social Media and Anywhere on the Internet

Criminals are running rampant online. They are doing anything to hack into your accounts, steal your identity and even hack into your bank accounts. These attempts are being made all the time and we have to be very vigilant. For Example, yesterday, I receive an e-mail from an imposter posing to be my bank, they even had the bank logo correct. They said that my account is on hold because of a $4,000 transaction. After I opened the e-mail there was a box asking for user ID and Password. I stopped there! I went directly to my bank account and found no $4,000 transaction and no hold on my account.. Never fall for these frauds. If I had entered my User ID and Password,

It would give these criminals access to my bank account! Please be careful these attempts at hacking into your personal information are getting much more sophisticated!

Here's a story from RTT Music News regarding using popular bands to solicit money.

The Eagles have warned that criminals are trying to solicit money from the rock band's fans on social media in the name of a charity which does not exist.

The Eagles said on their Facebook page that band members - Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Deacon Frey and Vince Gill - would never contact them to ask for money.

"If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a member of the Eagles via any form of electronic communication, or on any social media platform, we recommend referring to the platform's imposter policy and following instructions to report them immediately," the band advises. "Verified profiles for the band and individual members can be identified by a blue checkmark next to their names."

Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale gave a similar warning in a video he posted on Twitter, saying, "It's been brought to my attention there are people actively running scams about my name and Whitesnake, asking you for money or information or personal data."

"That is absolutely not us. We don't do that, we would never come to you directly for your personal information or ask you for money," he added.

Coverdale also made it clear that there are no affiliated or official fan clubs for either him or for Whitesnake.