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Bruce Springsteen Back on Broadway, the Hitch, Get Vaccinated!

Bruce Springsteen brought his one man show back to Broadway over the weekend and this signals a return to normalcy in NYC. In order to get a ticket, audience members had to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination as they entered the theater.

The Foo Fighters appeared in Madison Square Garden to a nearly sold out show. The hitch, all members of the audience were vaccinated. If we want to return to complete normalcy, we must ALL get vaccinated. Those who don't just make it bad for themselves and everyone else plus they

hurt themselves by being restricted on things that they will be able to do.

The variants of the virus are spreading and it's more important than ever to get vaccinated to keep the numbers going down. Enjoy your Summer, if you're not vaccinated, make sure you do this as soon as possible. We all want to put this pandemic behind us!

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