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Cash Infusions Alone Won't Save Struggling Radio Stations

You are in the supermarket and stop to pick up eggs. You pick up a dozen and see that the price is $6.25. Usually you need more than one dozen. Wow $12.50 for two dozen eggs is crazy but this is the world be live in today.

If you are running an internet or a low power FM radio station and you rely solely on donations to survive, you are on a suicide mission. You're station will probably have to shut down eventually. Lets face it, people don't want to pay to listen to music or news while they already have to pay for television. They can't afford a dozen eggs and do you think they are going to give any extra money they have to you? Forget it!

I know this sounds pessimistic but it's reality. Lots of non profit radio stations rely only on these donations. It's the recipe for disaster. If you are thinking of starting an internet radio station or a Low Power Fm station you must have enough of YOUR money to put the station on the air and keep it running. In the future, you may ask for donations and these donations will help build the station and enhance your operation.

We have an LPFM down here in southern Delaware who shut down all of their regular programming and is playing a continuous loop begging for donations! This is the worst move they could have made because it seems like they're holding their own audience hostage. The audience won't get their programming back unless they pay! This is a very very bad strategy! This annoying continuous announcement has eliminated any audience they may have had left! At this point, they would be better off shutting down, giving up the license to another non profit who has the cash and the will to run the station properly or they may re-group, hire new management and attempt to put the stations back on the air and run it properly.

My point is here is that the owner (s) of an internet or non profit radio stations music develop a workable budget to run the station even if it's just basically until additional funds could be obtained to enhance their operations. Don't spend too much money on equipment, space, programs etc up front. Don't take bribes where an individual or organization offers to give you money if you do something for them like play their music or promote them all the time. Start with the basics and build on them. The most important thing is to keep your station on the air. An unreliable radio station is useless. The audience doesn't need you like they need a dozen eggs. They'll simply go elsewhere and there are many other places that they can go to.

Cash infusions will make matters worse. If you don't have the cash to run the station, in a few months, you'll be going through the same thing, off the air, begging for money. Remember, at this point your audience is gone!

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