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Communicating With Your Listeners

Sometimes as radio broadcasters, we can feel like we're in a vacuum. We talk into a microphone and don't know who's listening or if they're listening at all. When I was in terrestrial radio, I always made it a point to spent a few seconds answering calls from listeners. It makes them feel like they're a part of the station

and makes the broadcaster feel that there are listeners out there who really enjoy the show.

Today, our method of communicating with our listeners has changed. We don't need to rely on the phone. We can now text or email our listeners. Talking on the phone while doing a live show can be distracting and believe me, I've been caught missing a cue every now and then because I was speaking with a listener on the phone.

At Edgewater Gold Radio, I respond to texts and e-mails. I always respond because listeners need to feel like they are appreciated. I love to hear their stories and always enjoy hearing about where they live and how the found the station.

Communication is a big part of running a radio station and we should all make an effort to respond to our listeners whenever possible.


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