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Don't Let Cable Failure Be "Game Over" for Internet Broadcasters

Yesterday was an extremely frustrating day for me. At about 11:36am, our cable went down. The TV and internet was out. Edgewater Gold Radio's live broadcast went off the air, well not exactly. At the moment that our live broadcast was cut off, our backup broadcast from the cloud kicked in and kept the station on the air until the cable was restored at 10:10pm Our cable was down about 11 hours. This is was a record breaker for me. We have never lost cable for that long especially since we moved here to southern Delaware. The cause was supposedly a UPS Truck hitting a pole. While living in northern New Jersey, we did lost power for one week due to Hurricane Sandy.

One of the reasons why I selected Live 365 as my station distributor is that they have a complete software package where you can re-create a backup broadcast from the cloud. Lots of broadcasters use this as their primary method of broadcast. For many years, this was the way that Edgewater Gold Radio used to broadcast. There are several other companies that offer this system .

Now there are drawbacks, the sound quality is not as good and mixing is not that clean. There is really little processing on the cloud broadcast and sometimes gaps between elements but the main

benefit is that your station stays on the air. When our live broadcast was restored at 10:10pm, there were still a significant number of listeners tuned in. If we had been down all day without the cloud, our listeners may have found another "home."

It is very important to have a backup. Edgewater Gold Radio uses the cloud when the internet goes down and we also have several computers containing our automation software to take over in the event of an equipment failure.

When developing an internet radio station, always keep backup as a priority.

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