Edgewater Gold Radio - Rockin the 4th Weekend

The fourth of July weekend is here and it will be better than last year, much better! Picnics and cookouts are on, fireworks are on and the music is on! Edgewater Gold Radio has extended our 60s and 70s weekend to include Monday, July 5th. Our listeners can enjoy our weekend shows Here's the schedule:

Saturday 5pm - 9pm - The 70's Party Train.

Saturday 9pm -12mid - Dance Fever 54 --classic disco

Sunday 8am-9am - The Beatles, Every Little Thing with Ken Michaels

Sunday 2pm -5pm - The Sock Hop Soda Shoppe with Joey Prout

Sunday 5pm - 7pm - Jukebox Party with Mike Bollea (A 4th of July special)

Sunday 7pm - 10pm -The Musical History Tour with Ronnie Sevean

In between enjoy the great music of the 60s and 70s and make sure you keep us on at your picnics and barbeque's. Have a fun forth with Edgewater Gold Radio!