Election Jitters

Well it's almost here, the most important election of our lifetime. The Coronavirus is raging throughout the country, there is upheaval all around. We feel like our country is being taken over by bigots, liars, racists and criminals. In my opinion, most Americans are looking for a calm and healing. We've been dangling on a string for the last four years. We've lost faith and respect in our government. I personally am looking forward to feeling confident in the leadership in our land again. I look forward to hanging onto to very word our President says as truth and strength. I yearn for true leadership so we can live our days without fear and anxiety.

It's going to be a tough few days. The divisiveness of the current administration is swirling around us all the time. It like the going through a major hurricane that stirs up death and destruction then slowly dies down until the sun is shining once again. I believe that we will get through this storm and the sun will indeed shine again. We have to

relax, stay calm and be patient.

Edgewater Gold Radio urges you to get out and vote and continues to make you feel better with the greatest variety of oldies. So hang on tight, stand firm and good will prevail over evil.