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Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend with Music, It is the Great Escape!

As I'm sitting here on this Sunday, July 3rd, I'm reflecting on past 4th of July holidays where we celebrated , our freedom and our country. Today it's different, the enthusiasm has been sucked out of me. We are living in a different world now. Our freedoms seem to be slipping away, corrupt politics has cornered us and is slowly sucking the life out of America. The highest court in the land is on a rampage to methodically strip away the life we enjoy and plunge us centuries backward. Each day I look for a light at the end of the tunnel but I see only darkness. Many Americans aren't appreciating the American values we've grown to love at all but are pulled into a vortex of lies, deception, and conspiracies. Believe it or not, I dream of living by a beautiful lake in a little village in Canada. I never imagined that my thoughts would go there but today they do.

There is one escape, music. The only thing that seems to comfort our minds! So try to enjoy this holiday even if it's listening to your favorite music. It's really the only escape we have from the discomfort that surrounds us all the time now!

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