Facts--Live with Them

It looks like the two Democratic Senators have won the run off election in Georgia and it will turn the Senate Blue.

The election was not stolen and a bunch of conspiracy theorists, angry, deluded individuals are at a rally that is fueled my Trump in an attempt to destroy our Democracy and overturn a fair election. These individuals are a disgrace, heartless, soul less, mindless and traitors to our country! This will fail very badly but will place a permanent stain on our nations history!

The other circus in Washington will get underway in a few hours at the Capital

when the Senate and Congress will certify Joe Biden's win. Some Republican Senators and Congressmen will vote to reject the certified votes from several swing states. To be clear, this will fail and the very un American supporters of the Dictator in charge will ultimately destroy their careers and reputation. You will see their faces go down in history for years to come. They are voting to throw out the will of the American People something only seen in Fascist countries!

Trump has pressured Mike Pence to throw out the votes of the American People in favor of him. Pence has no power to do this. He can only open the votes, and certify Biden's win.

As I write this, I feel that I am living in a third world country. It's just unbelievable that so many people exist in the fantasy world of Donald Trump!

See these faces and remember them!