Flipping the Switch to Virtual Server

One of my goals is to convert Edgewater Gold Radio programming to a virtual server. A virtual server exists in the cloud where the radio automation sits running all the time. One of the many advantages include the fact that down time is greatly reduced. Since internet broadcasters need the internet to broadcast, if something like weather, blackouts, problems with the internet provider etc cause internet service to be disrupted, you're off the air with no control! Edgewater Gold Radio programming will continue without a hitch running on a virtual server. Another great advantage is that having the station run from a virtual server enables remote access. I can monitor and control the station using any computer from anywhere. Many radio automation systems cannot run on a virtual server but our system Nextkast has that ability.

So what happens to the local studio? The local studio is the hub of our broadcast. Voice tracking, live broadcasting and other programming functions are done from the local studio. The only difference is everything is now exported to the virtual server. The automation system on the local system is now the main backup should anything go wrong on the virtual server. It operates exactly the same way and switching back wouldn't take more than a few seconds.

During the past few weeks I've been migrating to the virtual server. It's a daunting process since thousands of files have to be copied over and have to end up in the right place. Even as of this morning, I found some files that were in the wrong place on the system. In order for the system to work properly, the virtual server has to replicate the local system. It took awhile to review the virtual system and learn how to perform every single function using the virtual server.

I'm confident that I can now flip the switch to the virtual server for my main source of broadcasting Edgewater Gold Radio. I will be doing that tonight between 10pm - 11pm est. A slower time for audiences

in case a problem occurs. Keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to broadcasting peace of mind and not having to rely on Comcast system status and dropouts.