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FM Radio Today, A Real Bummer!!


Yesterday, I decided to do a little scan of some of the FM stations in the New York and Philadelphia areas. Since moving to Delaware and running Edgewater Gold Radio I really haven't heard any of these stations and it's been about six years.

I asked Alexa to "play CBS-FM in New York." CBS used to be an extremely popular oldies station with great imaging, personalities, music and lots of life and local flavor. Personalities like Harry Harrison, Ron Lundy, Dick Heatherton, Bill Brown, Dan Ingram and many others captured our lives daily. The music of the 50's 60's and 70's contained lots of variety. It was a fun station with a New York flavor for many years.

Everything ended when it switched to Jack-FM about 18 years ago. It tried to make a comeback and later switched to a classic hits format. That great NY flavor was gone, oldies no longer appealed to advertisers and young Program Director's just don't understand the real heart of radio in my opinion. Corporations took over the industry focusing only on money rather than content. The heart and soul of radio is gone.

Yesterday (Sat) at about 9:45am I started listening to CBS-FM. I heard one overplayed 80's song after another with no variety at all in tempo, very little imaging, no weather, no local chat, no personality. After about six songs, there was the top of the hour ID followed by more 80's hits. Ahhh at about 10:08, there was an announcer, making a quick statement about avocados that related to nothing.It sounded voice tracked to me. On came another overplayed 80's song. This went on and on and on! I finally told Alexa to "STOP." Actually "PLEASE STOP." I couldn't take anymore!!

There it is, the reason why radio, like us baby boomers remember it is a vast wasteland. With CBS, it seems that the only show that really matters is the morning show with Scott Shannon.

I'm glad that I can preserve the great memories on Edgewater Gold Radio and even provide some local flavor and soul of what radio used to be. I felt kind of saddened by what I heard. It my opinion it was God awful! Will there be any return of the radio that we remember? If you speak to lots of younger radio programmers of today, they will tell you "No" that kind of radio is gone! What a shame because along with "that kind of radio," the audience has also gone opting for a wider variety of venues to obtain their music!

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