For Our Listeners, It's the Holiday Classics and the Best Oldies

I scanned the radio dial the other day and heard lots of holiday music, some were great classics and some were a contemporary version of some classics and new holiday songs. The dial was immediately flipped when I heard the more contemporary songs. To me, they don't even sound like Christmas or holiday songs. Holiday music means memories and for Seniors, that means the music we heard growing up. Holiday music from the 40's 50's 60's and 70's are the ones we know and love.

The holiday's are a sentimental time for so many and the music really makes the holiday!

Edgewater Gold radio mixes classic holiday favorites with our usual oldies format. By doing this our audience which usually decreases in December because of the many stations playing only Christmas is actually increasing.

I have nothing against holiday music by newer artists. It's appropriate for a much younger audience but those classics always sustain. They are timeless and will never disappear!

Happy Holidays from Edgewater Gold Radio!