Happy New Year -and Happy Anniversary to Edgewater Gold Radio 20 Years Playing Your Favorite Oldies!

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that 2022 marks 20 years of streaming your favorite oldies! Edgewater Gold Radio began in 2002 on a confounded suggestion you might say. I was at a condo board meeting in Edgewater, New Jersey. We were reviewing bids for a company that would remove mold from our mid rise apartments. One board member suggested to me to start a radio station for our condo community. After telling him that it's not easy to start a radio station, my wheels began to turn. I had just left a commercial FM station and being a broadcaster, I had the urge to jump back in and not have to go to a studio to do so.

I was passionate about lots of genres of music but settled on an oldies format. After extensive research, I purchased a small AM transmitter and started playing cassette tapes over the air. The station was named "the Cove." and it was considered a legal part 15 FM station. The signal barely reached a half mile. A colleague at work, suggested that I put my station online. I eagerly took his suggestion very seriously and did more research. I finally launched my station online in May of 2002. I changed the name to Edgewater Radio and began recording liners, uploading music and playlists to the stations online site. Edgewater Radio was born. I later added community information, news tidbits, and weather.

As the years passed, the audience grew. The name was later changed to Edgewater Gold Radio. As the technology improved so did the sound of Edgewater Gold Radio. The station officially relocated to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in 2016 and broadcasts out of a small studio in my home. Technology has made professional broadcasting over the internet possible and I'm proud of how far the station has come during the past 20 years. While providing some local information, Edgewater Gold Radio's main goal is to preserve the great music of the 50's 60's 70's and 80's and in some cases beyond. With terrestrial radio stations being bought up by corporations whose main goal is to see how much money they could make rather than take a passionate approach to musical preferences, Edgewater Gold Radio preserves radio's heyday by keeping the music you grew up with alive!

So Happy 20th Anniversary Edgewater Gold Radio!