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Happy New Year - Appreciate The Little Things

Well we made it to 2021 and hopefully this year will prove to be better than last year. It will be a slow start as we are still coping with record breaking illness and deaths from the Coronavirus . We have more than two weeks before the new administration takes over and the old administration continues to wreak havoc and attempt to undermine our democracy every single day. We still have record breaking unemployment and loss of homes, jobs and businesses but take a breath things will slowly improve. We will see a slow down in the spread of coronavirus as the vaccine gets into people’s arms. We will have a qualified, respected, empathetic President and Vice President who will keep needs of the people of this country at heart rather than his ego. The Trump hurricane, will become a tropical storm, tropical depression and then eventually dissipate into oblivion we hope! Businesses we re-open and we will be able to travel and socialize again.

This process will be slow but we cannot let our guard down. There will be some tough months ahead but we will get through. Take heart in the comfort of our homes, family and pets. Make each day matter! We are coming over the hill and on the way down to more normal way of life hopefully with a greater appreciation of the little things that got us through this very tough time!

Happy New Year!

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