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Historic Dolles Sign Removed in Rehoboth Beach

The following story was aired by WMDT ABC News on Wednesday, Dec. 15th, 2021. We hate to see the Dolles sign go.

REHOBOTH, De- A crowd of over one hundred people gathered at the grandstand in downtown Rehoboth to watch as the Dolles Salt Water Taffee sign was hoisted up and lifted away.

The building had featured a sign since the early 60s, being replaced in 2002. Dolle’s Owner tells us he appreciated the turnout, as the over 7,000-pound sign was removed from the former Dolle’s Candyland location.

“It was neat to see all the people come out and support us a lot of people were very upset about the sign,” said Owner Tom Ibach, adding “the sign has been up since 1962 so it means a lot to a lot of people it represents Rehoboth and its been an integral part of the town for so long.”

He says, if it was up to him, the sign would not be removed, but with the sale of the property, it didn’t make sense to keep it up, or worse risk it being damaged during construction.

“We didn’t really have a choice the new owners of the property really didn’t want it up there plus I don’t really want the sign on top of someone else’s business,” Ibach said.

Community members and Rehoboth residents in the crowd told 47ABC, that the downtown won’t be the same without the iconic sign.

“It’s more than just a sign it’s a feeling and it feels like something from the culture of Rehoboth is being taken away,” said former Salle’s Employee Adelina Riddick.

She says the sign has been a formative part of the experience of Rehoboth for a decade, and seeing it go, takes all those memories away.

“People don’t look at it as a sign they look at the story behind it, everybody who comes here and sees it think about their memories and moments that they had at the beach with the sign behind them,” she said.

While the sign might be coming down, it’s not leaving Rehoboth. The sign was slated to go on the side of the Rehoboth museum, but a delay in a variance ordinance from the Board of Adjustments has delayed those plans.

“The sign is a non-standard length so it has to get an ordinance to go on the side of the museum so it’s not blocking windows, but since we didn’t get that it’s going to the city storage yard until the next meeting,” Ibach said.

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