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Holiday Music Done the Old School way on Edgewater Gold Radio

Today, some radio stations choose not to play holiday music and some switch to holiday music all the time and sometimes before Thanksgiving. Edgewater Gold Radio does it the old school way. We gradually mix in holiday music starting on Thanksgiving day.

I remember growing up and getting excited hearing a holiday song on the popular music station. I knew that holiday's were here and it gave me a feeling of joy. I would also still hear my favorite hits. As the weeks passed radio stations would mix in more and more holiday music.

Today we plunge into the holidays, we don't ease into them. It's Halloween that all of a sudden it's Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanuka. Edgewater Gold Radio wants our listeners to enjoy both holiday music and the oldies they love so we start by adding a couple of holiday songs per hour on Thanksgiving day. We then increase that amount of Holiday music until about 40% of an hour of music is holiday music. It all ends with the 48 hours of Christmas starting on Christmas Eve. So enjoy your oldies while still getting your fill of great holiday music with Edgewater Gold Radio.

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