Internet Radio Operation Requires Work!

There are so many options when it comes to listening to music today. Thousands of selections and as Internet Radio and digital broadcasting continues to grow, broadcasters are faced with the daunting task of acquiring listeners. Don't expect a massive audience but rather work to gain a dedicated audience who will come back to your station and listen for a long time. I'm talking about at least an hour or longer.

In addition to all of the promotion an operator needs to work into their schedule, operators must constantly provide interesting content, and make sure their systems are operating properly. I'll give you a look at what goes on behind the scenes here at Edgewater Gold Radio.

The first thing I do each day is "get the word out." I provide advertisements, blogs and posts promoting the station. This takes from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I then generate the playlist for the next day. In radio, we must always think ahead. If you fall behind, you'll spend frustrating time trying to catch up and that could affect your programming.

Playlists are reviewed for any specialty shows like Night Memories, Dance Fever 54, The Seventies Party Train and Musical History Tour. These playlists are edited before they are ready to air.

Features like our Welllness Moment and Musical History Tour are downloaded and edited once per week. They are then placed into the on air library and scheduled.

Voicetracking for the next day is done on a daily basis. Eight hours is voice tracked per day and this process takes at least an hour and a half to two hours. Playlists are edited during the voice tracking process.

New music is added periodically and the music library is refreshed on a regular basis. The entire system is backed up on a weekly basis.

On average about 5 hours of work goes into running Edgewater Gold Radio each day Monday through Saturday. So my point is if you want to run a successful internet radio station, be prepared to put in the work required.