It's the Debut of Sunday with the Stars

Music from the great American Songbook returns to Edgewater Gold Radio. Our Sunday with the Stars show airs this Sunday from 9am - 12noon eastern time. At a time when radio is chopping great music from their playlists, we are opening the doors and bringing back all of the greats. Sunday with the Stars will feature great pop vocals like Matt Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald along with some lounge singers and great standards from the 40's and 50s along with pop vocals from the 60's and 70's, Most of the show will be made up of music from the Great American songbook.

It's the type of show that fits perfectly on Sunday mornings, a time to unwind and relax with cup of coffee. This idea came from a time when I lived across the street from my Grandparents and aunt. Every Sunday after church, I would go over to my grandparents house and as soon as I walked in, I heard these great artists playing on the radio or on my aunts record player. My aunt and I would have some coffee and sit and chat about "her" music which was Sinatra and the like and "my" music which was all the pop hits of the day. I really learned to appreciate those wonderful songs and believe it or not I think my aunt learned to appreciate some of the songs that I loved. Sunday mornings were always very special to me and thanks to my Aunt Marie, I expanded my music repertoire and learned to love all of these classics.

Some programmers would argue that standards wouldn't be a good fit on an oldies station BUT on Edgewater Gold Radio, I'm the owner and programmer and we lean a little more toward middle of the road (MOR) music than we do rock. Our Nightmemories show has a consistent large number of listeners and features pop standards.

Enjoy our new show Sunday with the Stars as it part of our classic oldies weekends!