Jon Bon Jovi Loses Interest in Large Scale Tours


Jon Bon Jovi recently suggested that he has lost interest in going out for large-scale tours when the live-music industry returns to action as the pandemic eases.

Bon Jovi is ranked among bands with the highest-grossing tours in the world.

"I had a conversation about [touring] Australia a year from now. As long as we do it in a manner that's pleasurable, we want to do some dates. Because I just don't see me doing 100-show tours anymore. It's not really motivational for me," Bon Jovi said in an interview on the "Rockonteurs" podcast. "The feeling definitely has to be there. At the end of the tour, December of '13, I didn't sing in the shower. For all of 2014, I didn't touch the guitar. In fact, I walked by it and gave it the finger."

"In the grand scheme of things, at this phase in my career, if I were to just try to appease an audience, then shame on me. I would be really remiss an artist if I was that full of sh*t … that would make me sick. I'd rather not make a record," the Bon Jovi frontman added.