Keeping the 50's Alive

The music of the 1950's, the songs that started it all for rock and roll are all but gone from today's radio stations. So called oldies stations will play only music from the late 70's 80's and 90's. What about those great songs that started it all? Believe it or not there are lots of older and even younger people who love this music!

Edgewater Gold Radio, in an effort to preserve these great songs is bringing the 50's back. Even though we feature 50's in our regular daily programming, we are

dedicating specific hours for the music of the 1950's. Mike Bollea's Juke Box Party has been added to our weekend lineup. Mike plays a large variety of 50's and early 60's. Great songs that you may never have heard before. I've been looking for someone who can dig deep into the 1950's and the Mike's Jukebox Party does the trick. Jukebox Party can be heard from 5-7pm EST Sunday's on Edgewater Gold Radio. We will also be adding Mike Bollea 's tribute to Alan Freed on Sunday's from 10 - 12mid. Eastern Standard Time.

Beginning Monday, May 24th you can hear Mike's jukebox party every weeknight from 12am - 2am Eastern Standard Time especially for all of you night owls and our listeners around the globe. We are excited to feature more of the music of this great decade! Enjoy the music that started it all!