Lindsay Buckingham Releases New Track "Scream" From the Upcoming Solo Album

Source: RTT Music News

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has released a new single, "Scream," the opening track from his upcoming self-titled solo album.

"I love you when you scream," Buckingham sings in the chorus.

"Everything on the record is me, for better or worse," Buckingham said. "Many of the songs on this album are about the work and discipline it takes in maintaining a long-term relationship. Some of them are more about the discipline and some of them are more about the perks. 'Scream' is about the perks. It felt very celebratory and it was also very, very simple and short. To the point. It didn't evolve into some huge thing. It made its case and got the hell out."

"It just seemed like a good place to start the album, somehow," he added. "It's very upbeat and very optimistic and very positive. It's a celebration of an aspect of life."

Buckingham previously released "I Don't Mind" and "On the Wrong Side" from the album, which is scheduled to arrive on September 17 via Reprise.