Making Your Holiday Special in Very Unusual Times

This year unlike most years we need to keep our spirits up during the holiday season. Under normal situations, the holidays can prove depressing and stressful for many of us. If you add Coronavirus to the mix it's like stress on steroids! For us, this year there won't be any holiday parties, socializing of any kind. All shopping is being done online and with the exception of phone calls and possible zoom meetings, the only contact we may have with neighbors or friends will be outside or a drive by visit.

So how do we remain positive during this very trying time? Even though it's just the two of us, I'm acting as if things are "normal" only without the fun and socializing that we normally have during this time of year. I prepared a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with everything I would have made if we were having a crowd over. Dinner was great and we are still feasting on the leftovers. I've also decorated like I normally do for the holiday's. The lights are up and shining bright and yesterday I put our tree up and decorated the house. Even though we will be the only ones enjoying it this year, it creates a positive holiday spirit for me. There's a warmth that surrounds me when our home is decked out for the holidays.

Holiday music creates a real sense of nostalgia for me. I'm reminded of previous holidays and the loved ones that were once with us during these special times. Holiday songs trigger both happy and sad memories. Sad because we think of all of our loved ones that are no longer with us and happy because we remember all of those special holiday moments that were recorded in our minds throughout the years.

So don't expect much this holiday, keep it simple and safe and keep the music playing!