Memories of Radio Clock Changing

I always worked on some radio station on weekends from 1979 through 2002. The weekend guy gets to make sure all of the clocks in the station are either turned ahead of back twice a year and many times that guy was me. After doing a four or five hour shift I had to stretch, climb and even grope my way around the station and set all of the clocks. Now this wasn't just spinning the hands forward or backward but making sure that each clock was set to the minute. Anxious to go home, I would make several passes around the station to make sure I didn't miss any clock. Memories are made of these simple things.

In today's digital age, there are hardly any clocks to change. At home, I changed the clocks on the stove and microwave. Edgewater Gold Radio's automation software automatically moves ahead or back one hour. This makes programming seemless. In the early days of automation, I would have to adjust the program to ensure that the right material is being aired at the right time but today, that is a thing of the past.

Did you set your clocks one hour ahead last night?