Misinformation and Fake News Channels Pose a Great Danger

News is supposed to be factual and substantiated with evidence. There are commentators who always give their opinions of news but those comments must be based on factual evidence and the truth. We are in a situation where networks who call themselves "news" are actually not. They are entertainment sources posing as news networks spewing hatred and falsehoods. The problem is millions of people watch these networks. Conspiracy theories are taking hold on

the viewers of these channels along with the refusal to accept reality and facts. It's an alternate universe that is destroying democracy in America. All for what? The answer money!

We are in an unprecedented moment is our history. Just this morning Trump tweeted "I won this election." The very very sad part from this very very sad president is that millions of people believe it and fake news channels spread it around like brush fire. Conspiracy theories are running rampant. The Trump cultists only listen to what he says. There are no facts, no basis nothing just the words of a very narcissistic, disturbed person. Yet networks like FOX, NEWSMAX and OAN will report this as if it were fact and it's viewers will soak it up like a sponge. The CEO for Newsmax was asked the question as to why this false agenda is being pushed out to the viewers and his comment is "anything that makes money!" Unbelievable and more unbelievable is that so many people actually believe it!

My opinion is that there should be an organization that could effectively monitor the content of all networks that claim to be "news." The importance of this is that misinformation and conspiracy theories pose a real threat to our safety and existence. Networks such as FOX, NEWSMAX and OAN should be fined or even taken off the air because their content puts our nation in a very vulnerable position.

You may see more of these bogus news networks popping up! Why" The answer is simple just MONEY MONEY MONEY!