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Music of the Past Makes the Present Easier

As we are surrounded by very disturbing news stories all the time these days, sometimes we just take a breath and say, "I need a break." I know that I do. Listening to the music that I grew up immediately lightens my mood. Every song takes me back to a specific time in my life. It's a good feeling to remember the days that weren't so complicated.

If I hear a current song, there is something missing. There are no memories. I could feel good, bad or indifferent about a current song but without memories, it falls flat. Now being of the older generation, I may cling to memories more that of a younger person. In fact I know that this is true. As we age, we reflect on the past more of the time. I filter out bad memories and focus on the good ones.

I get e-mails from listeners of Edgewater Gold Radio all the time telling me how much our music makes them feel good. That's the main goal of the station. It provides community information but the music and the memories are the main goal. That's why Edgewater Gold Radio plays a large variety of oldies. All music brings back memories. Our oldies format consists of pop music from the 50s through the 80's and even some early 90's. It's not just rock but a mix of rhythm an blues, country, vocals, all songs that were on the charts during this period.

I remember a listener telling me that when he heard "A White Sports Coat" by Marty Robbins played, he froze and the memories of time he spent with his Dad while growing up just came flowing back. That;s what we do. We make the memories flow and bring back the good times and we all need good times!

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