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My Radio Bloopers Part 1

I've worked for about eight commercial radio stations over my career and each station always played specific types of music from country, to Adult Contemporary to Oldies. Most stations used consultants that helped to target specific audiences.

I remember at one soft rock radio in Hartsdale, New York, I cued up the wrong song on the cd. one Sunday afternoon. The song was supposed to be an adult contemporary soft rock hit. Instead, I cued up "Rocky Mountain Way, by Joe Walsh. It was an honest mistake of course. I felt my chest tighten as the song whaled over the air! Obviously this song was not part of our playlist. It would be appropriate on a rock station but not on a soft hits station. I could have yanked the song off the air but felt that would just draw more attention to it. It seemed like the damn song would never end.

Finally the song ended and I never mentioned it. I just did a back sell on the other songs in the segment. I always was expecting a call from the Program Director but that didn't happen. One guy came in the studio and casually said "Oh where playing Joe Walsh?".....good song!

More radio bloopers to come and I have lots of them!

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