New Collected Works of Jim Morrison to be Out Soon


Marking the 50th anniversary of Jim Morrison's death as well as the release of The Doors' album L.A. Woman, Genesis Publications is bringing out a limited edition book and multi-media collection of the Doors lead vocalist's writings.

"A Guide to the Labyrinth: The Collected Works of Jim Morrison" is being produced in collaboration with the family and Estate of Morrison.

Genesis said it has been granted unlimited access to Morrison's archives, including 28 of his personal notebooks. This limited edition presents an extensive new collection collating published, unrecorded and rare works, including poetry, lyrics, drawings, transcripts and notebook excerpts, many of which are in Morrison's own handwriting, the publishing house announced on Tuesday.

The collection will feature text commentary garnered from past interviews with Morrison and new interviews with musicians influenced by his music and writing, illustrated with rare and iconic photography.

"The Collected Works of Jim Morrison" will also include exclusive audio recordings. A limited edition of only 2,000 copies will be published worldwide.