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New Single Released by ABBA


edish pop legends ABBA released a new single, "Just A Notion," which will be part of their upcoming album, Voyage, on Friday (October 22).

ABBA originally wrote and recorded "Just A Notion" in the summer of 1978 during the early sessions of their sixth studio album Voulez-Vous. However, the song did not make the final cut on the album.

It's a "treasure from the past," the band said. "Just A Notion is a ridiculously happy song and hopefully it will cheer you up in these dark times!" ABBA founding member Björn Ulvaeus posted on social media.

"It's a good song with great vocals. I know that we played it to a publisher in France and a couple of other people we trusted and as far as I can remember they liked it very much. So it's a mystery and will remain a mystery," Ulvaeus said.

"Now Benny has recorded a new backing track to which we've added drums and guitars, but all vocals are from the original 1978 tracks," he added. "In a way, it demonstrates what we plan to do with ABBA Voyage in 2022. There, we will have a live band playing, but all vocals will be from the old recordings."

Last month, ABBA released two new songs, "Don't Shut Me Down" and "I Still Have Faith In You," from Voyage, which is scheduled to arrive on November 5.

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