Oldies all The Time!

If you are a program director playing oldies, you may be faced with several issues. Oldies fall into different categories. There's the classic hits, leaning toward rock oldies from the late 60's through the 80's or 90's. Let me ask you this. If a station just plays this narrow selection of oldies, what happens to all of the other great songs going back to the 50's? They are ignored. Oldies consist of multiple genres in one. Rock, country, adult contemporary, folk, standards, rock a billy can all fall into the oldies category.

Some stations mostly LPFM will offer a small sliver of oldies to their audience. From experience an audience that prefers oldies will not listen to one of these stations for oldies. They want to hear the music they love al the time. Oldies music covers a large territory and genres, and playing it a few hours a day just won't attract an oldies audience.

Edgewater Gold Radio stretches the limits of oldies. We play all oldies from the 50's through the 80's including pop vocals, country crossovers, folk, rock and disco among a few. There's too much great music out there. Variety is key and Edgewater Gold Radio offers you oldies all the time, not just a couple of hours a day!