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Our Goal, To Preserve Oldies Variety and Make You Feel Good!

Edgewater Gold Radio has been streaming for 20 years now. So why did I start this radio station? Well the answer is a bit complicated. I've been in commercial radio for 25 years and when the last oldies station (WNJO), Trenton, changed formats to Classic Rock back in 2002, I decided to throw in the towel and finally have weekends and nights


In 2002 while on our condo board, I was approached by another board member who asked me if I could start a radio station for our condo community. At the time I was living in Edgewater, NJ , a small town on the Hudson River directly across from Manhattan. The idea intrigued me. Starting a small radio station is not an easy task especially with the extreme restrictions imposed by the FCC. A colleague at work suggested an internet radio station. At that time, internet radio was in it's infancy stages. I decided to take my colleague's suggestion and after months of research, planning and programming, Edgewater Gold Radio was born.

While developing the stations format, I thought about what really bothered me about today's commercial radio stations. The answer that kept popping into my head was that the songs that I remember growing up, the ones that triggered the greatest memories for me were no longer being played. So I decided to take all of those songs and bring them back to my generation. I also thought about songs that were not played too often but nevertheless brought great memories to me so my goal was to take all of those songs, bring them back and keep them alive.

So 20 years later with much greater technology, these songs are preserved for your enjoyment on Edgewater Gold Radio! We are now located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and also feature some local events, news an weather but it's the music that's in the spotlight!

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