Promotions Items are A Good Idea For Internet Radio

If you've just started an internet radio station, you're probably so busy getting your station on the air, that promotional items are the least of your worries! After your station is up and running and you're starting to see that listeners are tuning in, you should consider promoting your station. There are a few good ways to do this. You could run facebook and social media ads. The more you pay the more readers your ads reach. You could print some flyers, send them out or post them at local businesses.

It's always a good idea to promote your station on social media. Join appropriate groups on Facebook that allow advertising and get the word out that way. Keep your posts consistent and post frequently. Develop and promote a website, webpages or anything

that spreads the word about your station.

You can also develop some some promotional items to sell or give away to listeners. I also have a sign on my car. Vistaprint is a great source for these items. Advertising is expensive but these are some other ways that you could get the word out a bit cheaper.

Good luck with your station!