Radio Like You Remember It!


Radio in the 1950's 60's and 70's etched a memory in all of us. Great enthusiastic DJ's sounding like they were really having a good time playing the top hits and oldies of the day. Jingles that jumped out at us and an endless amount of energy. It was our primary way of listening to the music that we loved. Even on my stressful or "down" days listening to my transistor radio immediately lifted my spirits and restored my sense of positivity and normalcy.

Slowly radio began to change, the FCC allowed corporations to own multiple stations in every market. Most corporations are not passionate about radio but are passionate about money. Consultants were added to most stations. They recommended drastic cuts in playlists and limited what a DJ was allowed to say. Mundane liners replaced the spontaneous energetic chatter of the DJ. Radio became boring. The imaging changed and so did the attitude. Morning shows that consisted of multiple personalities replaced the lone DJ and possibly his engineer behind the mike giving important information and easing their audience into a new day. Remarks from DJ's became more snarky and in some cases condescending. The shock jock replaced the companion jock.

Today's pop radio stations are less fun, more vulgar and more insulting. Local programming is being replaced by syndicated programs all over the country. Internet radio now has become a very viable form of medium. In many cases, it's preferred over traditional terrestrial radio. Internet radio doesn't use consultants and doesn't rely on advertising and is usually run by one or two people. So freedom is the key. There are thousands of stations playing thousands of different kinds of music and programming thousands of different kinds of formats. The only problem is that there is so much out there, how does one choose?

Edgewater Gold Radio strives to preserve the sounds of the 50s 60s and 70s. Our lively oldies format, jingles, imaging an local flavor creates a positive retro upbeat sound without any snark, insults or vulgarity. Listen for yourself and hear the music that you remember along with the nostalgic sound of radio like it used to be!