Radio Sputnick Broadcasting Russian Propaganda in the U.S

I heard a disturbing story this morning. Radio Sputnick, an English speaking Russian Radio station is broadcast full time in two places in the U.S. Washington D.C. and Kansas City, Mo. Here's a description of the station.

WZHF is a news-formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Capitol Heights, Maryland, serving the Washington, D.C. area. A non-commercial station owned by Multicultural Broadcasting, WZHF broadcasts the Russian Radio Sputnik network full time.

The broadcast spectrum enables lots of multi-cultural broadcasting. The only thing is, this station has hosts that broadcast and promote Russian propaganda. Spreading lies about the war in Ukraine and imitating the words of the Kremlin is their rhetoric.

There is so much mis-information spreading around our country and this is another source for lies and causing more separation within our own country which I'm sure is the goal. Now why is the FCC allowing this in these dangerous times? Here's another reason why I am not supportive at all of the FCC in it's present form. It's this this author's opinion that they are not effective at all, concentrate on the wrong issues and need to be completely re-engineered.