Remake of American Pie


World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has teamed up with legendary singer-songwriter Don McLean for a remake of "American Pie."

The new version, which also marks the 50th anniversary of the hit, features McLean handling most of the vocal duties, with Fury joining in on the chorus.

The new version of "American Pie" will be aired on BT Sport ahead of Fury's fight against Dillian Whyte at Wembley stadium on Saturday (April 23) and will be played in the stadium that night with a crowd of 94,000 making it to the venue to witness the all-British heavyweight world title fight.

Tyson previously performed "American Pie" on a few occasions, with the last one happening after he defeated Denotay Wilder in Fury v Wilder II in 2020.

"He did very well," McLean told TMZ at the time after seeing footage of the performance. "I would say he's the number one bar room singer. Excellent job!"

Fury previously appeared on Robbie Williams' song "Bad Sharon" in 2019.

(Photo: 2911 Media)