Scathing Letter From John Lennon to Paul McCartney Up for Auction

SOURCE: RTT Music News

A scathing letter that John Lennon wrote to his former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney is up for auction.

The three-page letter that Lennon wrote in November 1971, a year and a half after the Beatles officially broke up, has been put up for auction at a minimum bid price of $20,000 at the music memorabilia site Gotta Have Rock and Roll. The letter is estimated to fetch up to $40,000.

In an interview published in the November 20, 1971 issue of Melody Maker McCartney shared his thoughts on Lennon and wife Yoko Ono, the dissolution of the Beatles' business partnership and more.

Lennon was so furious when he read the interview that he sent a signed and hand-annotated reply to McCartney. This letter was published in the December 4, 1971 issue of Melody Maker.

"John's response is brutal and ironic, and you can see his frustration with Paul," the music memorabilia site says in its description of the auction material.