Stray Away From Corporate Boring Programming

The other day, while reviewing radio information, I came across an article about a radio station in California that decided to move away from corporate radio programming that is dominating the U.S radio market. An example is iheart radio station. Boring and cookie cutter, they are not at all focused on local programming and are programming boring, bland music formats geared toward advertisers and the youth. Youth youth youth is all you hear when it comes to the music played on the radio today.

This radio station stepped back and programmed softer album cuts from popular rock artists of the 70's and early 80s.' Jackson Brown, Maria Mulduar, Poco, the Eagles and even some jazz like Earl Klugh. I found this station both interesting and listenable. I commend the station management for being innovative and choosing a unique format targeted to older listeners.

Internet and some LPFM stations have added unique programming geared toward an older audience. There's no reason why they can't. They are not committed to advertisers or relying on corporations or consultants so why not?

There's a local LPFM station here in Delaware that overall does a nice job. They sound good, and have added some unique programs to their repertoire. I have one problem with it. The station plays 80's most of the day and frankly most of the time! I'll pop the station on briefly then turn it right off. I don't want to hear 80s! They feel they want to cater to the tourists. Wrong wrong wrong!!! The tourists could care less about this FM station. They come here for the beach, relaxation and not for a LPFM radio station. In my opinion, this station should focus on local residents. An older audience really doesn't want to hear 80s all the time. There are many full power stations, and Satellite stations that play this music. They aren't going to search out a LPFM station ! I would program a unique format that locals could enjoy, Music that they can't hear anywhere else like the station in California. I'm sure that station's audience specifically seeks them out because their music is unique. Internet and LPFM's certainly could do this. Why don't they try?