The Changing Landscape of Radio Listening


Radio consumption in North America

Radio remains one of the most popular channels for news and entertainment in North America. But even though audiences still enjoy listening to music, sports, and other audio formats on traditional AM/FM radio, the industry is undergoing visible changes due to the proliferation of digital media and other changes in consumer behavior. Over the past few years, the average daily time spent listening to the radio decreased from 111 to 99 minutes. The pandemic-induced shift to home office and other travel restrictions also had a tangible impact on the medium as car radios are the most used device for radio consumption in Canada and the U.S. alike.

What are audiences listening to?

According to a recent survey on the frequency of radio news consumption, around 20 percent of adults in the United States listened to radio news on a daily basis in 2021, while another 30 percent did so at least once per week. Correspondingly, survey findings also showed that radio was considered the most-trusted news medium in the United States that year ahead of television networks and newspapers. But what do audiences listen to apart from news broadcasts? As of 2021, rock, pop, and country music were the most popular radio music genres in the U.S. and Canada.