The Darkening of America

I've been in radio for about 40 years now and during this time there were times due to personal reasons or illness that it was very difficult to go to the studio on do and on air radio show but despite these situations, I've always pushed myself to go in and do my show until last Wednesday. I watched as domestic terrorists and thugs staged a coup on the US Capitol and held our democracy hostage. It was horrifying! Our democracy was attacked by terrorists that was lead by an unhinged, deranged President. This destruction put hundreds of lives in danger and left five people dead including one police officer.

Perhaps the most distressing thing for me is that so many people were lured by this very sick man and bought into his lies and deception. The frightening part is that many are STILL supporting him! They are a disgrace and the most horrible.... horrible people walking among us! This cult grew as Trump spread his lies and rhetoric throughout the great country of ours. I cannot and will not ever comprehend that over 70,000,000 people, were sucked into his evil vortex. I will never refer to them as Americans.

Through all of this, Democracy prevailed and every single one of the Trump supporters lost and lost very badly. They will carry the guilt of contributing to the largest sin on our society and that is the destruction, of our rights, freedoms and human spirit and that will shed a dark shadow on each and every one of them forever!