The Debate, Fox Lies and Coming Out of Hell

I watched the debates last night with tightness in my chest. In my opinion the format of this debate was much better than the previous debate but the contention was up full throttle! Trump was fact checked and it was proven that almost every single word he uttered was an outright lie. Biden did a great job and showed empathy and understanding as well as outlined specific plans and a vision for the country. Trump offered nothing for the future and he is the reason we are in the midst of the worst pandemic and worst economy is a hundred years. Biden made a few mistakes but nothing in comparison to Trumps constant lies.

All networks indicated that Biden clearly won the debate except FOX -- who said that Trump won by 79%. Any intelligent human being can dismiss this information as total fabrication. FOX only polls Trump cult followers where the other networks get information from both sides of the fence. As a broadcaster, I resent the misinformation that FOX spews out every single minute of every day! It really poses a danger to it's viewers and even though I strongly feel that their viewers are purely ignorant, their ignorance is affecting innocent people especially with regards to the spread of the Coronavirus.

Any intelligent human being could have turned the sound down on their TV and watched the facial expressions of both candidates. Joe Biden stood up straight, smiled, looked empathetic and presidential. Trump was hunched, hands waving, contorted, angry. His eyes were firey and his face mad and he was frowning the whole time. He looked like a spoiled eight grader!

I have never been so stressed and concerned about an election as I am with this one. The outcome

can have a major impact on every American. I pray that good prevails over evil and love wins over hate. I don't want to live in an atmosphere of hate and fear. If Donald Trump is re-elected, it proves to me that this is a hateful country filled with very poisoned, sad, angry individuals.

I'm looking forward to this cloud being lifted and a clearing prevail over the country where Americans can reunite, live their best lives without fear and intimidation and start to trust and respect our government once again!