The Hidden Benefits of Running an Internet Radio Station---DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!

If you are thinking of starting an internet radio station and expecting to make tons of money, think again. You're goal should be to break even. I won't go into the costs in this post but I will tell you why I've been running Edgewater Gold Radio for almost 20 years.

I've always had a passion for radio, since I was a kid, my transistor radio was my best companion. I listened not only to the music but everything else that made up a radio station. This included, the air personalities that got me through some lonely times, the excitement, jingles and even newcasts.

I worked professionally in radio for over 25 years, working every shift that existed, playing a variety of music on stations around the New York, New Jersey area. While holding a full time job, I kept my radio career part time but never the less, it gave me much more satisfaction than my full time jobs ever did. Did I do it for the money? No not at all. I did it for the passion for the business.

Music moves people and knowing that my listeners were enjoying the music I was playing and how I made them feel was all that mattered. It's about the listener and about the music.. Music always made me feel good in bad times and always brought back so many memories. Every song, takes

my audience back to special times in their lives.

I love hearing how the audience reacts to the music I play. When my audience is happy, I'm happy. It's not about the money, or the litany of rules and regulations, equipment, technical requirements or anything else. It's about providing my audience with the best listening experience I can and as professionally as I can.

So the 50's 60's 70's and 80's will live on! Edgewater Gold Radio will continue to provide the vehicle of bringing a memorable listening experience to all of our listeners!

Advice----DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!