The Unearthing of a New Steve Miller Album

SOURCE: RTT Music News

Iconic rock star Steve Miller says the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic helped him unearth his upcoming live album.

"Back when I was a kid, when 'The Joker' was a hit and I was touring, I thought, 'oh, when I get to be 50 years old, I'm gonna have all the time in the world [to go through my old tapes]' … and I kept putting stuff in this warehouse," Miller said in an interview with The Coda Collection.

However, Miller was unable to go through his archive vaults because of his busy touring schedule. But, when the pandemic struck, it gave him enough time to go through his archives and unearth a "jewel of a concert" from Steve Miller Band's 1977 tour in support of the Book of Dreams and Fly Like an Eagle albums.

"All of a sudden… came this jewel of a concert where the band is just at its best," says Miller of a 1977 show in Landover, Maryland. "The guitar work is spectacular. It's 1977, people were smoking cigarettes wearing bell-bottom pants and everyone's got hair down to here, that part is kinda funny, but what's going on onstage is really inspirational.

In March, Miller announced that an unreleased, full-length concert recording, titled Steve Miller Band Live! Breaking Ground: August 3, 1977, will drop on Friday, May 14 via Sailor/Capitol/UMe.

"This show captures the band right at the peak after The Joker, and in the middle of Fly Like an Eagle and Book of Dreams, a stream of hits…We decided to call it Breaking Ground because that's exactly what we were doing," Miller had said at that time.