The Voices That Started it All For Me -- An Escape from Reality!

I was a skinny kid (yes if you could believe that now) going to a catholic school in the mid 1960's. What many didn't know was that I had a difficult time fitting in with the other kids. I wasn't good at sports and was always given a hard time at outdoor activities such as recess or gym. Quite frankly, when choosing sides, I was never picked. The kids would actually fight over who would take me and there were times that I was never picked and had to stand around or pretend to be on somebody's side so that SIster "so in so" didn't think I didn't want to play. I was mocked, tricked and generally had rough time during these years.

Each day, I woke up dreading going to school but there was some light that shined through. I heard a positive voices on the radio sounding like they were having fun and that things would be OK. I enjoyed listening to these wonderful personalities and the upbeat music that they played. Radio became an outlet for me and I must say that my best friend was my little transistor radio that I would carry around with me everywhere. Instead of going to the park in the Summer to play sports with those same kids that mocked me during the school year, I would take my transistor radio with me and spend my time riding my bike and going to different pet stores to look at the tropical fish (another hobby that I really enjoyed). I never told my parents that's how I spent my days because they would worry why I wasn't with the other kids at the park. I kept my little secret for several years.

Herb Oscar Anderson was the morning DJ on WABC in New York. His voice was clear, uplifting and a comfort for me each day. He sang his theme song "Hello Again" several times at the top of the hour after the news during his show. The song just made me feel good and always gave me a sense of comfort.

As the years passed, my interest in radio grew. I wanted more than ever to somehow work in this field.I was always told that the business was very unstable and that I would get paid little and have to move around all the time. Being a person who needed stability, I needed another plan, I chose to work full time in another field and work in radio part time. So almost every weekend from 1978 through 2002, I was on the air at one station or another. It was a great sacrifice but radio was the one thing that gave me the best sense of satisfaction in my life. The rest was just "filler." Unfortunately, the "filler" made the money while radio gave my soul a sense of satisfaction.

To this very day I spend at least two to three hours a day running Edgewater Gold Radio and as in the past, this fuels my soul and brings joy knowing that the programming I provide, is so enjoyable to many listeners.

Thank you Herb Oscar Anderson, Harry Harrison, Dan Ingram and Cousin Brucie for your talent and inspiration. Also thank you to all of the wonderful Program Directors that I've had the honor to work with throughout my radio journey,

Tom, Jeff, Irish John, Ed, Johnny, JR, Ken, Joe, Susan, Mark, Dave and the many other professionals over the years!