Tik Tok Star's Impact on Fleetwood Mac's Dreams

Here's the latest from RTT news on the Tik Tok star that gave Fleetwood Mac's Dreams new life.

Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood appeared on a BBC interview on Zoom on Thursday (October 9) to thank TikTok star Nathan Apodaca (AKA @420doggface208) for making "Dreams" go viral.

The video made a significant impact on "Dreams," earning the song its biggest ever week on streaming services.

"One, we owe you," Mick told the Idaho native, whose serene TikTok video of himself lip-syncing to the iconic 1977 hit while riding a skateboard and drinking straight from a big carton of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, went viral and had been viewed over 34 million times on the platform. "It's such a celebration of everything. I've heard you talking about it, and it's so joyous and fun," he added.

Fleetwood, who recreated the video on October 5, also revealed that he was "just led right into it. People around me were going like, 'Dad, you've got to do this, it's so cool.' So we did it, and now here we are, talking." "I just wanna say, outside of Fleetwood Mac, we owe you. It's such a great story, and it's so needed. In days that are really challenging…it makes people smile, and I'm so happy to be part of it. Congratulations on a wild, wild skateboard journey that has led us to talking today," Fleetwood said, before adding, "I hope Stevie [Nicks]'s watching. She's going to be overjoyed." Apodaca thanked Fleetwood for creating his own version of the video, and introduced his daughter, a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. Ocean Spray has gifted Apodaca a brand new pick-up truck and a lifetime's supply of Ocean Spray.