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Too Much Talk is a Big Turn Off

During the 30 years of my radio career, structure was always a priority. Each station that I worked at had some kind of structure. All stations stressed to all DJ's say what you have to say in a short, clear, concise way then it's back to the music. I've learned to follow these basic rules at each station that I've worked at. The audience retains a fraction of what you're saying and despite lots of broadcaster's hopes, they tune you out after a few seconds. The key is when on a music oriented station, give one thought per break because if your don't, you'll be tuned out and real fast.

At one station that I worked on, the DJ had 12 seconds to talk and that is difficult but those were the rules and they and to be followed. You can be creative in that amount of time. Focus on saying something that the audience will retain like where the upcoming artist may be appearing next.

Our low power station in Rehoboth Beach, follows these rules on their music shows. It shows professionalism and consistency. In my opinion, when I hear rambling by a DJ on a music show, the first thing I think of is the person on the air ,really is not a radio oriented person, they've never worked in a structured environment. They are more obsessed with getting on the air, playing what they want, and talking so much that the audience is all but gone! The radio protocol that I always experienced on each of the nine stations that I've worked at, is "execute the format the way that it was set up and do not deviate! "

So what prompted me to write about this today? I've been scanning the dial and coming across some internet stations and LPFM's and some of the rambling that I've heard has been mind boggling! I want to say "shut up" and play the music but I usually just turn the station off!

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