Truth and Consistency vs. Lies, Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation.........DO THE MATH!!

This election has shed so much light on the moral compass of this country. I've always thought that the American people were smart, insightful, fair and basically non biased. Pardon my naivety, this is clearly not true. We are at the end of the most stressful election in modern history but what amazes me is the number of people that believe and support the lies, conspiracy theories, immorality, criminality and misinformation that this administration has spewed out over the last four years. Quite frankly, I'm amazed, horrified and disgusted by this. I've disconnected myself from many people because just knowing that this monumental form of hatred harboring inside of them is enough for me to cut them off from my life.

Most, if not all of these individuals only watch FOX news. This is the Trump propaganda channel that consistently lies and deceives the public in order to profit Rupert Murdoch and please Donald Trump. Now here's what boggles my mind, almost every other network consistently states true facts in the exact same way, except for FOX. So if you are skeptical just do the math. You have ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, CNN NPR then------you have FOX. So who would any non biased, non racial, logical, non judgemental, and morally strong person believe?? The answer is so obvious!!

Now the election is about to come to an end and in all probability Joe Biden will become the President elect. Joe is stressing calmness, unity and faith in the democratic process while Trump is in is bunker at the White House

tweeting lies, threats and stirring the pot to insight violence while the Coronavirus pandemic is raging out of control in the country. Yesterday alone over 125,000 new infections were reported including his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Fear not, the cloud is about to lift. It will be a long, uphill climb but rest assured that we will now have a respected, stable, experienced and compassionate leader that will slowly begin to heal a very very wounded nation!