Over the weekend, I watched the MSNBC special outlining President Obama's photographer Pete Souza's experience while at the White House. This was a sobering special showing a Presidents deep emotions such as worry, compassion, frustration, happiness, empathy and deep concern about American Citizens.

This is a stark contrast of what we are experiencing today. We were bombarded with scandals, lies, deception, mockery, ignorance, diversion, division, conspiracy theories, white supremacy, racism and I could go on and on. We have been taken down to the depths of hell.

The soul of America has been darkened and this dark cloud needs to be cleared before it sucks our democracy right out from under us. Watching this special I was reminded of a time when I was proud of our country and respected each and every President. I may not have agreed with all of the policies but I had respect for the Office of the President. Today I am rattled, disgusted and stressed out by watching the calamity that is playing out every day. I've lost respect for the presidential office and also lost respect for our country. We are diminished in the eyes of other nations.

I long for the days when I would hang on to every single word that our President says about any issues that our country is facing. I long for the days when America is held in high regard in the eyes of the world. I long for the day that I can feel that I am a part of something much bigger and better. I long for the day when I could look up and see that dark cloud gone.

The election is about two weeks away and we need to restore our country and speak out for our democracy. I urge you to get out and vote like your life depends on it because it actually does!