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Weekends Are Special on Edgewater Gold Radio

We may have another nor Easter here on Delmarva this weekend but hopefully it will be rain here at the beaches. It's also Superbowl weekend! To add to your entertainment, Edgewater Gold Radio is playing the great songs of the 60s and 70s as we usually do on the weekends.

Catch the 70's Party Train that airs today (Sat) from 5pm - 9pm. Great songs from the 70's plus some trivia from that decade. Tonight in our second hour, we will be playing some TV commercials from 1970. Sit back enjoy and remember.

Our disco show Dance Fever 54 gets underway at 9pm. Classic disco from 9pm - 12 mid. All the dance classics as well as radio classic disco from that era.

The Musical History Tour with Ronnie Sevean airs Sunday Night from 7pm - 10pm. It's a free form rock show and always has a special theme. This week's theme is the 80's.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the Superbowl!

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