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What are Considered Oldies Today? Edgewater Gold has kept the Oldies promise!


t seems like the word oldies has become taboo in radio. Radio has strayed away from the word for years. Why? Mainly because of advertisers who always cater to a very young crowd. The word "oldies" indicates people over 50 or who are retired and they can't have that! Heavens forbid!! The fact is that the "older" generation listen to a radio station for much longer periods than the younger generation and they are also prone to spend more money. This broadcaster always felt that today's advertisers are really missing the boat but that's besides the point.

Radio stations no longer use the word "oldies" instead they use "classic hits" and those classic hits are considered late 70's 80's and 90's. What happened to the roots of rock n roll, motown, British rock, 60's pop, doo wop?? They are all but gone from radio and this is a real shame.

Yesterday, I turned on WCBS-FM in New York, a station that used to be oldies. I listened to a clip from 1976 and heard lots of doo wop, British Rock, 60's pop and the like. Then I listened to the CBS-FM of today on the Audacy App. I heard only 80's and songs that have been played to death!! It was almost unlistenable for this 68 year old! Since moving to Delaware in 2016, I have not heard the station until yesterday and it really made me sad. Sad that almost all of the music that shaped our lives is gone from the airwaves.

Time must move on but I refuse to leave behind the songs that trigger the best memories of our lives. As we get older, we have a tendency to look back more and music is food for the soul when I turn on terrestrial radio of today the plate is empty!

As an internet radio station owner not tied tied to advertisers hips, I make sure that all of those great songs are preserved and listeners have a "go to" place to relive all of the memories that they grew up with. Edgewater Gold Radio has always pledged to keep these great songs alive and now broadcasting and streaming for 20 years, I'm happy to say that we've kept that promise.

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